Help w/ specific folder renaming based on tags

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So I've been trying to figure out a way to rename my folders in a specific way based on file tags, however I just can't get it right. I've checked multiple topics in the forum, yet none seems to have what I'm looking for (or I'm not searching right).

I would like to have my album folders formatted this way:
artist - year - album (type) [source-bitrate]

Which would be like this, for example:
Prince - 1984 - Purple Rain (LP) [DL-320]

I usually include the type (LP, 12'' etc.) in the title of the album, that's no issue there. However, I just can't seem to get the format right for the source to be in the same bracket as the bitrate. I use a tag named "Format" to tag the source (CD, LP or DL for downloaded files).

The current string I have is this:
%artist% - %year% - %album% '['%_bitrate%']'

I just need to find a way to include the source in there somehow.

Thanks a bunch! :smiley:

Iā€™d look at the MediaType field. That is the standard one that I use.

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You could try something like
%artist% - %year% - %album% (%Format%) '['%_bitrate%']'
%artist% - %year% - %album% '['%Format% %_bitrate%']'
%artist% - %year% - %album% '['(%Format%) %_bitrate%']'

Or what exactly do you mean with "the source to be in the same bracket as the bitrate"?

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Thanks so much! I think I got it!

%artist% - %year% - %album% '['%Format%-%_bitrate%']'

That's what I was looking for, I think I was misplacing the apostrophes until now and/or "Format" wasn't capitalized, which yielded different results with everything I had tried so far.

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