Help with a scheme

Hello out there, I am using this Action right now--> %_folderpath%'..'%artist%''%year%' - '%_directory%
It works well moving the whole dir and adding a year along with separate Artis dir, What would be perfect if I could somehow use what I have already but also change the dir to be in this format example
1994 - Far Beyond Driven (US - Rhino 8122796029 - 2014-03-25)
(Entire Dir Contents)

*[Notice the 1st year is the actual release of the album and the end year is the version release year!]
Thanks so much in advance hope someone understands what I am asking.

You can rename the folder with an action of the type "Format value" for _DIRECTORY
Format string: %year% - %artist% (%version release year%)

%version release year% then stands for the real field name in which you saved that information.
And if I now do not fall into the category of where

then you would have to tell us where which part of the data in

comes from

(to get also the slashes and stuff into the text, please enclose the text into the accent grave - top left to bottom right)