help with album tags

hey, i recantly thought to add cover art for my phone song library
so for 3 hours i sat and went by each song and updated his cover art
so far so good, i can see in my PC library that the cover art indeed updated
but when i pass the 500+ to my phone they all had the same cover art from one song in the list and i tried everything to fix it and nothing worked
i think that maybe if every song had a diffrent album it will change every song into his original cover art
so i have 2 questions:

  1. i need that every song will have something diffrent in the album box, i dont need the real name of the album just Gibberish. so that every song have a diffrent gibberish in the album box
  2. i dont think it would work, so if anyone know how to fux this bug i would REALLY appreciate it
    thank you. :slight_smile:
    (sorry for bad english)

Usually an album is determined by an

See if you have filled these fields.

You can easily copy the ARTIST to ALBUMARTIST and TITLE into ALBUM.

could you explain again?
i just want that every album box of every song in my library will be diffrent.
for exmpale:
50 cent-my life (album-ijlhgiubhiob)
a tribe called quest-award tour (album-faigfqfywgu)
maroon 5-payphone (album-johwiujehnopi)
understand? i need that every album box will be uniqe
and again sorry for bad english

that looks strange to me: are we talking about filenames or have you actually filled the tag fields?

im talking about the album tag field.

Do you have that string in the album field: 50 cent-my life (album-ijlhgiubhiob)?

You should have data in the following fields:
perhaps TRACK and YEAR

"50 cent-my life (album-ijlhgiubhiob)" looks like a filename. Or if you have that string in ALBUM then it would be safer to put the data into the proper fields
like "50 cent" in ALBUMARTIST and ARTIST
"my life" in TITLE
"ijlhgiubhiob" in ALBUM or if that does not make sense, then perhaps a copy of TITLE.