Help with album titles not showing


I hope somebody can help me, I am a newbie here.

I stream my music from a WD Live 3TB HD to my Cambridge Audio Sonata NP30 Network Player.

I have spent months editing my metadata, but am having a problem with a few Frank Sinatra FLAC albums.

I have tagged the Album Title: '1958 - Only The Lonely' But my player reads the album title as 'Only The Lonely' and ignores the numbers at the start. Coincidently I have other albums tagged in exactly the same way and they display absolutely fine.

Can anybody help me pls?

Thanks in advance


I do not know too much about flac.
But: you could open the "Extended tags" dialogue (alt-t) for one of these files and check the contents of the "vorbis comment" fields.
Perhaps they differ from what you expect.

Thanks for your reply Ohrenkino.

I have had a look at the extended tags and this all looks in order.

I have rebuilt my database, so will see if this makes any difference.