Help with covers

Hi, I have a question, because in one album we have one cover to all of these songs, but I want to have one album with different covers. I don't wanna create a playlist I would like to have one album. Is that possible?:pleading_face::pleading_face:

It is possible to add a different cover to all files of your album with MP3Tag. There are fifferent ways to do that:
i.e. just make a right mouse click in the cover field of the tag-panel ana add a cover or delete a cover ...

The more important question is, if your player is able to show different covers if the files belong to the same album. You'll have to test this.

I do this all the time, and it's quite easy. The same way you add a cover to a track, you can add different covers for different tracks. Just make sure you only add one cover per track.

When you add a cover, make sure you don't have "select all tracks", or obviously you will get the same cover for all.

As for the player, I have found if you use embedded covers (eg, they are part of the file), most players (not all, but most) can usually handle that. But if you have a file in a folder for a cover (eg, FOLDER.JPG), then it's a toss-up. Some use the file, some use the tag.

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