Help with Created an Action to remove trailing space from filename

I have lots of files that have a space before the file extension e.g " .mp3" example of file

"Smokey Robinson - Everybody Needs Love .mp3"

Result I would like

"Smokey Robinson - Everybody Needs Love.mp3"

Thanks for any help

What do your tags look like?
You could then rewrite the filename with Convrt>Tag-Filename
Format string: $trim(%artist% - %title%)

Also, a look at the FAQs could be helpful:

That's the problem they currently have no tags, so I want to clean up the filename and then create the tags from the filename.

You could try it the other way around:

Derive the tags from your filename like this:
Use the two placeholders
%artist% - %title%
followed by a space (not visible above) in the Format string.

It should look like this and show content for artist and title

This fills the artist and the title without trailing space for filenames like
Smokey Robinson - Everybody Needs Love .mp3
This will NOT WORK for filenames without trailing space, like
Smokey Robinson - Everybody Needs Love.mp3

For this filenames without trailing space, do the same as above but without trailing space in the Format string:

As soon as you have filled the tags ARTIST and TITLE for all your tracks, you can start renaming your files as @ohrenkino wrote. The command $trim() is not really needed anymore, since you should not have leading or trailing spaces in your tags.

It is mostly the best solution to build up a filename from the tags.
But it is also possible to do it the other way round, especially because in this case you can avoid the step of filtering for files that have these spaces in the filename.

Use the converter Tag->Tag
Format String: $trim(%_filename%)

Then use the converter Filename->Tag.
Format String: %artist% - %title%

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