Help with [Encoding] on AMG


I'd appreciate some help getting encoding to work for me on AMG.

I've modified Dano's amg-classical script (thanks!) to pick up tags such as composer, work, and movement. And that's working well.

But I must be using the [Encoding] statement incorrectly (or I don't understand what it does) as extended European characters in the iso-8859-1 pages are not rendering correctly either in the Web Sources Framework dialog or after the tags are applied in mp3tag.

mp3tag is configured to write ID3v2.4 utf-8 tags. The AMG pages are encoded as iso-8859-1. I've tried all three options for the [Encoding]= statement in my src file, but none provide me the correct rendering. If I copy and paste from the web page directly into mp3tag, the accented characters are correctly rendered.

Any suggestions, please?


Can you give example IDs?



AMG ID 53653 - Kodály: Galánta Dances; Marosszék Dances; "Peacock" Variations

or: 11900 - Saint-Saëns: Piano Trios Nos. 1 & 2

I've modified the search to go directly to the tracks detail page as in the following:


I tried utf-8, iso-8859-1 and ansi (all without and with quotes) for [Encoding]



In my script I don't use the Encoding parameter and all shows fine.


Thanks for checking that out. Since your unmodified script didn't display correctly on my computer either, I changed my second language in the Control Panel Regional section to Hungarian from Hebrew and now it displays correctly.

Nevertheless, it seems to me that the [Encoding] statement might have provided the flexibilty to adjust the conversion without going into system settings. AFAIK no other program had been displaying ISO-8859-1 encoded information incorrectly.


IIRC [Encoding] only influences the outgoing data and there might be some kind of auto detection for the incoming data.