Help With Export

When I apply the export expression below, only one album per artist is exported even though multiple albums per artist exist in the selected tags. What am I doing wrong? This happens whether or not the "allow duplicates" box is selected.

I'm using version 2.32. Thank you in advance for your suggestions.


I tested it and there is no problem with the export file itself. For me it works fine.
Ummm, you say that multiple album names exists in the tags. In the tags of one file???

When this is the case, then this is the problem. The export only reads the first type of tag that is appearing in a file. So when you have three different album tags in the file, let's say:

  1. British Steel
  2. Defenders Of The Faith
  3. Painkiller
    and they are all in one file, and you want to export it, the script only grabs the first one. And in this case it is "British Steel".

I don't know if there is a way of exporting multiple fields of the same type.

Hold it...forget everything I said prior to this point!

The problem is when there are multiple ALBUMS with the same name, not artists. So, for instance if the set of tags I have selected for export contain four albums with the title "Greatest Hits" from four different artists, the information for only one of those four albums will be exported.

Please try this with the export definition in my original post and let me know if you get the same result.

Sorry for the confusion and thanks for your help. Be warned - everything seems to goes to hell once you past 40! <_<


I didn't test it becase I am not at home, but try this.



This should be a little better, because when you filter it by the albums, you still get only one album.

But so it should work.

You could also put a $loop(%artist%) before $loop(%album%,1) and then it would give you one data set per artist: