Help with Filename to Tag

All my .mp3 files are labeled Artist-Title (Year). What script would I use to get them to list separately into the Artist, Title, and Year columns?

Convert filename to tag:

%artist%-%title% (%year%)

Thank you so much! Is there a tutorial somewhere that explains these things in layman's terms? I've tried to watch YouTube videos for the last 3 hours and nothing has addressed this.

I'm not sure if there is an easy tutorial: the key is that all tags are structured as %TAG% (informational fields such as the path and directory are structured at %_TAG%).

If your files are named consistently, then you can identify the various tags by exactly replicating that name, replacing the actual data with the %tag% identifiers.

For example, I name my files consistently as D:\Music\artist\date album\track. title - artist.mp3. I can replicate that structure to extract all kinds of data into the tags.

OK, I may be reaching out again. Appreciate the help!

There is the FAQs and HowTo section in this forum, for instance: