Help with FLAC files on Squeezebox Server

Is there a primer written (for the novice beginner - me) on how to set up Mp3tag? I have a library of FLAC files that I need to work on Squeezebox Server. Currently the Squeezebox Controller sometimes puts an individual contributing artist where the album artist should be. I'm hoping Mp3tag can help me with this. Secondly, is there a way to control whether a file is "flagged" as a compilation?

  1. install mp3tag
  2. run program, click on help, then select contents. essentially a manual there.
  3. mp3tag will take a little bit of learning, but will be well worth it. You can create/read many types of tags, fields, etc.
  4. For your FLAC files that are compilations (different track artists), you'll want the compilations tag to have a value of "1" (without quotes). If your files don't have that yet, load up the files that should be complilations, select all the files, right click, select extended tags. Then click on upper right icon with "star". this will open a box with edit tag info. In the field box type COMPILATION and in the value box type a "1" (without quotes). Then hit OK, OK, OK as it backs out and saves everything. Now all these files have a tag field named COMPILATION with a value of 1. SqueezeboxServer will read these.

Read these threads to learn more about album artist. in a nutshell there are 3 different tags used by various software programs to identify album artist. There is:

%album artist%

%band% vs. %album artist%

Thanks for your help. I'll check these out!