Help with format strings for folders


Hi there,

Complete novice when it comes to tagging, hopefully this exact question is not answered elsewhere on this site.

I'd like to make a formatting string that allows me to create a directory structure like:

Pearl Jam \ Vitalogy - 1994 \ 10 - Betterman.mp3

That's an example, not exact info of course.

I'd like a directory for the artist, then each album (and year) they release within the first sub-directory, then the actual filename (track number - track title) in the last sub-dir.

Does this make sense?

Thanks in advance for any help! This is a great program.


Just use the converter :mt_ttf: Tag - Filename with a format string like %artist%'('%year%')' - %album%$num(%track%,2). %title%

C:\Music\\%artist%\'('%year%')' %album%\$num(%track%,2). %title%

(I've slightly edited your filenaming scheme :wink:)


Thanks a lot! It works perfectly. Kind regards...