Help with formatting Album artist Field

Hey all.

I know this question has probably been asked...but in all of my searching, I haven't been able to find it so far.

With my collection, I've just setup an action group called "Populate Album Artist." It copies the value in %artist% into the %albumartist% extended field.

This works great for songs without features...however, I'd like to accomplish a second step.

As part of this action, I'm trying to figure out how to script something that will lop off the features (indicated by "feat.") in the album artist space. For example, in album artist:

"Boulevard Connection feat. EDO.G, Common, Masta Ace"

would become:

"Boulevard Connection"

plain and simple, minus the quotes of course.

I've been putting around with it all day, with no luck so far. The title of the track itself isn't being altered, just this section of data. Any ideas/help would be MUCH appreciated.

Cheers. :music:

-- AMS

Begin Action Group _Script Test#TEST

Action #1 Actiontype 5: Format value Field ______: ALBUMARTIST Formatstring: $regexp(%artist%,'(.+)\sfeat\..+','$1')

End Action Group _Script Test#TEST (1 Action)

This is an all-in-one solution so weather your artist contains 'Boulevard Connection' or '"Boulevard Connection feat. EDO.G, Common, Masta Ace" it will format the %albumartist% field with the correct info such as 'Boulevard Connection'

This worked PERFECTLY. Thank you sooooo much!!!