Help with iTunes Source

I'm using iTunes as my source to get the tags. But something that is annoying me is that MP3Tag (or the script of the iTunes Source) does not overwrite an album's cover, so when I run the script, I still get the old cover.

I wanted to be possible the script to delete or overwrite my covers, how can it be possible? I didn't want to run an action for removing all the covers before, because If I don't find the content on the iTunes Store, I'd prefer to keep my actual and small cover.

You have to mark "Save image to Tag" iin the Utils-menue.
If you search for an album with the websource and you get the windows with the album and it's contents listed you can find this menue in the left down corner.

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Thanks. Now I have another question. What does "Save image on disc" really mean? What's the difference?

You can use both options.

Means that the image is saved in the folder of the currently treated files.
You can set a name for this file in
Some programs need a file called folder.jpg to display cover art.
As name you can use text constants and tag variables, e.g.
The file can also be used to be embedded in the files at a later time, e.g. if you want to edit it first.