Help with moving from The Godfather scripting to MP3Tag

Hi all, I've been using really complex scripts via The Godfather for a years to grab information

The data that AMG serves me through is really erratic (incorrectly loaded pages, simply the wrong page, etc...), I'm investigating to see if MP3Tag could be an adequate replacement.

I've managed to get a hold of the AMG script from a kind soul and there are few limitations that I would like to know if it's possible to do with MP3Tag.

First of all, the Composer data that is grabbed is incomplete, it includes the data only on the main Album page, I really want the full names and they only way I knew how was to load the track page. Being able to load the track page would also allow me to grab the song review.

I also want the credits information which is also on a separate page.

Is it possible to load a separate URL to grab additional data from within a main page? I didn't find a command to do this in the Web Sources documentation. If there's no option for this yet, is it possible that this could be added in the future?

Without this command then I'm stuck using The Godfather :frowning:

I would also be interested in using MP3Tag to tag my classical musical collection, but if I can't load pages, I would only be able to get 10% of the data I get as of now from AMG Classical.

On a sidenote, was it ever discussed to license the AMG data and allow us to pay for such access? dBpoweramp charges 5$/year for such access but there's very little configurability and it's unable to tag already ripped tracks. I would pay 4x that price for a legitimate and flexible way to have AMG's data completely accessible.

Thanks in advance!

Alternatively, is the following possible:

I would be willing to do multiple passes with different scripts to get all the data I need but can the following be done:

  • Can I store data in tags with one script, and have another script load that stored data (a URL) to then load the appropriate page and get the required data?

  • If this is possible, can I have different URLs in each track and each URL loaded individually and the extracted data tagged to that specific track? (I don't want to have to run the scrip 15 times for 15 tracks on an album. Just once and 15 different pages are loaded, data is extracted for each track. (I'm thinking of this for the Track detail information)

A long time ago, MP3Tag was able to provide this service. AMG 'asked' them to remove it, so I doubt you are going find any assistance here. I do wonder, as well, why NO ONE else (especially Dano :smiley: ) has been able to strike a legitimate deal with AllMusic. I, too, use dbPowerAmp and would pay much more than $5/year to tag my collection with AMG's data.