help with registry patch for context menu

First, Thanks to Dano for the following registry patch to add Mp3Tag to the context menu (right click menu) for all files:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@=""C:\\Program Files\\Mp3tag\\Mp3tag.exe" "%1""

The above works great to add back Mp3Tag to the context menu after I upgraded to Windows 7, but only seems to work when I select a single file. It does not seem to result in Mp3Tag appearing in the context menu when I select multiple files.

Anyone out there have suggestion sof what to add or alter to make this work for multiple file selections? Thanks!

Did you select the explorer integration option during the installation?
This should give you support for multiple files.

I did - all three times. The third reinstall did the trick. There must be something about permissions in Windows 7 such that assigning Administrator status to a user is insufficient, and the lack of warnings or errors is frustrating.