Help with sayregexp and regular expressions

I am attempting to use the web services framework to process IMDB pages and I am trying to use sayregexp to extract actor names from an element in a table. I can extract the actor names cleanly via a regex pattern:

(<span class=\"itemprop\" itemprop=\"name\">)([^<]+)(</span>)

where $1 will extract the actor name. The problem I am having is I can't figure out an easy way to use sayregexp to put $1 into the output buffer. As I understand it, sayregexp will take all matches for the provided regular expression and put them into the output buffer, but I do not see a way to only put $1 from the matched regular expression into the output buffer. Is there any way to accomplish what I want to do?


You can probably use (?:...) instead of (...) to create non-capturing groups. This way, you can control which group appears in the output.