Help with sorting in export as txt



I had done this before, but after we change computer, I forgot to preserve export file from old computer (now it is reinstalled).

I need to export text file only with artist-title and length field (this format: artist;title;length). I got this by did this:

$filename(New export file.txt,utf-8)

Only thing that I can't remember is how to not use any sorting in this file. If I want to export playlist and first artist of song is like Rihanna, and fifth song artist ia Akon, in export file I got Akon as first artist (so all exported files are sorted by alphabet).

So, the thing I need is that this export file do not sort songs in any way, I want it to be sorted same way as in the playlist.

Thanx a lot!!!

$filename(New export file.txt,utf-8)


Ultra fast!

Thanx a lot!!!