Help with Tag


Hello ppl. N00b here, need a little help. Let's say I have a track with TITLE tag containing the following:

Ocean City Girl [Album In The Clear (Nettwerk)]

How do I extract data from it to get artist, title and album tags so that I get:

Title: Ocean City Girl
Album: In The Clear

Many thanks in advance.



You create a new action set, add an "Import Tagfields" (or whatever that's called in English) action and use the following configuration:

Source format: %title%
Formatstring: %title% [%artist%]

If you want to remove the brackets, add a "Replace with regular expressions" action and replace \s*(.*) with nothing (leave the last field empty) in ARTIST.


If the formatstring is %title% [%album% (%dummy%)]
it's done in one step.


Ah, right.

BTW, the action type is "Guess values".


Thanks guys. Worked nicely. I also added a Replace to get rid of "Album:" from the ALBUM tag.

OT: How do I rename my Actions? Can't seem to do it via double- or right-click.

Thank you guys for your patience.



A "slow" double click. Like in Windows Explorer


Oh right. Silly me. Thanks Dano. :slight_smile: