Help with tagging

I am a new member and not a computer expert.
I have started audio streaming from my PC to DAC using squeezebox duet. I have transferred my CD's to Wav using exact audio copy. I am now transferring to Flac and then tagging using Mp3tag.
The help system is, to me, all computerspeak and I have difficulty following it.

I have managed to tag individual flac files (one CD track) successfully but when I have a CD with 18 tracks I have to retype all the info for the next file (next CD track) which only has a track number change.

How do I get round this ??


Hello Ianmac, welcome to the forums!

I'm not quite sure if i understand your issue but if you want to copy all the tag information from one CD to another select the files you want to copy the tag data from, press CTRL+C, load another CD (folder w/files) into mp3tag and press CTRL+V.

The main disadvantage about this method relies on the fact that mp3tag won't recognize the track order so i recommend in first place to sort the track order clicking on the desired tracks then pressing ALT+"UP ARROW" or ALT+"DOWN ARROW".

Hope it helps, feel free to ask if needed!

Thanks for the welcome, the way I'm feeling right now makes me want to stick with putting a CD into a player ! However must not weaken !

If I transfer an old CD with say 18 tracks. I end up with 18 Wav files in a folder. I convert these 18 files to Flac in a folder and want to add tag info.
MP3Tag opens the folder and I have 18 files to tag.The tag info for each track is the same except the track No. When I enter the tag info for track 1 the info dissappears and I have to re type it for track 2 etc for all remaing tracks. Is there a way round this. I have tried copy and paste but still have to re enter the track number.

What am I doing wrong ??


If you want Mp3tag to automatically tag your listed files select all files (CTRL+A) then press the "Autonumbering Wizard" (5th button next to the actions), configure the available options if needed and then re-check the tag fields numbered accordingly.