Help with using the software to get artwork and files organized

I am having trouble working with the Pro version of the s/w.

Here are my questions:

  1. DO I need to rename the filed first? Or do I retag the first? It allows me to do either in the opened up window.

  2. Can I select ALL of my files that are presently in one huge directory and will it separate them into individual album folders? How to do this?

  3. I have the globe highlighted for artwork but a little box flashes and no artwork appears. I clicked the download Amazon artwork box but no luck on any album or song. Do I need to select one song to get the artwork or all the files in the folder? Neither seems to work.
    I can get lyrics btw. Don;t need them but maybe that is useful info.

  4. Anyone know how to set Squeezecenter up to SEE the artwork? I tried copying in some cover.jpg photos and rescanning SC and still no luck seeing any artwork in Squeezecenter.

Sorry but you have a different program that is also called mp3tag
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