Help with using the % symbol

New user of mp3tag here. Found it when I was searching for an easy way to copy tags from one set of MP3s to another. Google gave me hits which all pointed (ultimately) to MP3TAG.

I was going great guns with exporting the tags until last night came up with a problem.

My setup is as usual
folder for artist / folders for albums

I have two folders under Various called

So obviously the Album Title is "200% Hits Vol One Cass 1" (and 2)

MP3Tag is choking on that.

My question is, how can I use the % symbol as a literal?

Where exactly does the problem occur?

Hi dano

After I posted, I spent some more time trying to resolve the problem and finally came up with a solution.

When writing/saving the tags I had no problem with the % symbol. It was when I tried to export I had an error message about syntax.

I figured the % may have been an illegal character as it was used to mark the fields (eg %title%) so left it out of the tag but the error still occurred.

I read somewhere on the forum in a reply to someone on another subject that the % was a special character in mp3tag and to use it, it should be '%"
After more experimenting I discovered it was in the path that the % was tripping up mp3tag so once I put ' around it in the path string, mp3tag wrote the file OK.

The fun then began figuring out how to import .... there's no menu item equivalent to export.

It took some time and many false starts but I finally got there.

Thanks for this great programme which saved many hours (days) of typing.