Hi guys help with auto tagging please


hi guys,

i have just discovered this excellent App.

what i would like to know is is there a way i can drop a directory in and have the program automatically search/tag/rename?

at the moment it works ok but i have to.....

drop the directory in,

select all (by pressing CTRL+a can this be done auto too?)

click on the freedb icon, choose determine from the selected files, OK.

then when i get the results thru (sometimes numerous/select correct) i OK.

then it just renames the tags and not the filenames so i have to click on 'tag to filename'

what i would like to know is can any of this be simplified?

or are any of these features going to be implemented in a future build?

as i have stated above......but i will try and be clearer.....this is how in an ideal world it would work for me.

  1. Drag Folder into Mp3tag. (the mp3s are scanned and all are selected by default)
  2. i click on Freedb button. ( it searches as per my default setting of 'Determine from selected files....i choose the album most applicable and OK it.)
  3. The program then Automatically Tags and Renames the files.

Job Done.

thanks for your time and please do not think i am slagging this app off....i am just new to it.



Sorry, but Mp3tag will stay an interactive app :slight_smile:

This way the workflow is determined by the user and I think there are a lot of different ways to work with Mp3tag.

Best regards,
~ Florian


ok m8 nps

thanks for the reply..........what about just the 'Select all by default feature' maybe in the options?