Hi how can I remove track number

Hi how can I remove or replace track number with artist name?? please! the tracks don't have tags

Don't you want to save that track number (and the other pieces of data that you find in the filename) in the tag fields?
Use Convert>Filename - Tag
Pattern: %track%. %title% @bY %artist%
(Check the preview if the pattern is right - perhaps I misread the @bY)

Then use Convert>Tag-Filename with
Format string: %artist% - %title%

No does't works :frowning: files don't have tag and i want to write artist on every track

Which is the artist?
Is it "Profu"?
Could you supply a copied and pasted plain text file name here in the forum? Then I could transform that into a pattern for the tag import.

Nicolae Guta is the artist i write into the Artist but I cant write the title on alll tracks

I think that the title is somewhere in the filename.
It could be that the following suits you better:
%track%. %title%
See if the preview is any better

yes it's work thank you again you are the best

Great, that it works
If you want to rename the files, use Convert>Tag-Filename (e.g.)
Format string: %artist% - %title%

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Is there tutorials of this program?? Is verry useful and I want to learn more ... Thanks again

Even though this sounds not very motivating: the online help starts with a basic introduction "First steps".
And there is the "FAQ" and the "HowTo" section in this forum with a lot of ready-made recipes to get the grasp of this program.
And then there is the forum where you can ask questions or even give advice.

Ok I understand it''s very useful this program :innocent: :innocent: