Hi I'm a online DJ in need of some serious help

I have a MP3 collection that is over 20,000. I had a hard drive crash but was able to save my files. Here is my issue now
When I go to load up my MP2's in my broadcaster, I get this

As you can see I have all my data in the title with nothing in my Artist album fields.
I am not sure what has happened, but have tried many different taggers to try & fix this, and the tagger will show what I want. With the artist being in the artist field, the title being in the title field and the album in the album field. But when I go to load them back into my broadcaster...I get the big jumbo mess.
Any suggestions on how to fix this, with going through each of my 20K mp3's and editing them one by one?
Someone said that most taggers have a split function for just this sort of issue..but maybe I am dumb..but I can't find that and am so damn lost!
Please help me?

To me it looks as though you never had anything written in the tags at all but only in the filename.
For some reason does your program uses the filename as title....

So if you want to fill the fields again, using the info from the filenames, use the function
Convert>Filename - Tag

You have to define a mask to tell which information should end up in which field.
As I cannot see the whole filename I give you a hint on the part I can see:


may filll the preview.
If you need more assistance please show me an accurate representation of the filename.

As I said in my post, I ahd a HD crash. When I recovered my MP3 from the dead drive, this is how they came out. I went to add them to my braodcastin software and thats what shows up. So I do not know what happened.
I tried what you suggested and I got Artist/album/track#/track name in the title section

I doubt that a hdd crash removes mp3 tags. But that does not really matter.

Coming back to the original problem: I think I already mentioned "if you need more assistance then please show me an accurate representation of the filename".
Or check the explanation for the action "Guess value" in the online help.
If that what you said about title is correct then create an action of the type "Guess value" for TITLE.
Enter as guessing pattern:

The suggestions I can make are only as good as the patterns you supply.

I must be missing something. I go into MP3Tag I edit a batch of songs. The artist the title and album name are all in the correct places. I save my work, I open SAM and load up the MP3's. Most times I have the artist and title, the Album is empty. A few times under title I have the artist/album/title.mp3 all in the same slot.
So I seem to be missing something somewhere. Or is this the best it's going to get, and I need to add the Album tag on all my files anytime I add to my database ?

If that program has a database of its own then you have to resort to the means of that program to update the information in the database - not an Mp3tag problem.
If you see the filename as "title" then I doubt that the "SAM" has updated the information. Or check this file with MP3tag again, whether there is actually any information in a tag.

Ok I think I am not explaing well at all.
Hard to think of the words to describe what my issue is.
If you would be kind enough to go to my request page, let me show you what I am dealing with.
you will see that I have the Beatles Abby Road album showing all the proper tags. Has the name of the artist & the title of the song. This I edited with MP3 tagger. I ahd to go in after I added the songs to my database and manually insert the name of the Album & the picture. Now in MP3tagger all this is showing as proper & correct.

Now if you look at The Beatles Anthology, Vol. 1 you will see there is No album & no picture. This is where I did not go behind MP3tagger and manually insert my album / picture data.
Thats where the issue is. I have ripped over 20,000 songs for my request page, I have sometime on my hands, but not enough to edit that many songs...forget if my database ever crashed and having to re do it.
Is it clearer now what my issue is?

No. And this simply because I do not know what your web-display program needs to have all the data there.
Could it be that you have to export something to get some kind of html-code?

If you say that the tags are filled properly if you look at the files in Mp3tag then Mp3tag has done its duty. Now it is up to the web-frontend to use the data.
so, e.g. if I look at the abbey road picture, then the origin seems to be http://www.oldhip.net/web/pictures/az_2273...e%20Beatles.jpg

If you have more albums (yes, I know that string is missing - but perhaps it is still somewhere in the orginial filename) then you probably would have to supply such a picture...
So, what do you need?
An action to retrieve data from the filenames?
An Export so that the web frontend can import that data?

At first I have to say that a harddisk crash, which has been successfully repaired, will not remove tag-field data from the media files; possibly one or two or more files may be entirely damaged, but a media file, which can be played should still carry all the embedded tag-data like just before the disk crash.
I assume that the SAM database is corrupt and needs a restoring procedure, at least re-reading the tag-data from the given media files.

I have read your posting at SAM support. The guys over there have also no clue how to start the help procedure, and how to strictly analyze the situation.
We should try to isolate the problematic areas systematically.

  • Is it the tag-fields in the media file?
  • Is there a problem with SAM and its database?
  • Is it a problem with the user?

When you can provide the smallest media file for temporary downloading, which has been ready tagged from your point of view, this can help to check the first point, which tag-type, which tag-fields and so on.

The next step will be to re-import or re-fresh the SAM database with the tag data from this media file, in order to show the tag-data within the SAM tag data dialog. That's your part.
Let us try to get to this point.

If we have to re-create tag-field data, using Mp3tag, then we have to use all data items we can find anywhere, maybe there are data items in the media file's tag data, or we have to fetch parts from the folderpath.
Let us begin with checking a sample media file.


Just something to add:
In the big screendump at the beginning, there is a button "Import tag data" ... so apparently it is possible to tap some external source for tag data.
What kind of data format would that function expect?