Hi, Keeping Mp3Tag clean..?. 8-)

HI All,
I have been using Mp3Tag for several years but one thing that has eluded me in later versions is how the clean up or delete old used format string that are kept as some for of MRU. In particular those in:
Actions(quick) > Format Value > Field and the 'Format strings:' field.
I've searched the registry, User\ApData etc without finding strings Ive used, and would really appreciate being able to clean some of them up, e.g. developmental / bad trial ones.

Can anyone point me to where they are kept so as I can delete some of them please?


PS I'm using v2.97

Delete them from within the app, like this:1


Or to remove one by one: Shift+Delete. The input field will be blank; you can move to the next with the down arrow.

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Ryerman, Incifinci -
Thank you both many times, your help is 100% :relieved:

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