Hidden album art in albums?


I have something strange wich i can't find why.

I'll try to explane what's happening.
I use win 8 and all my music is located on a nas .
I have added a cover art on each number ( allmost 10.0000, so it was a hughe task...)( all embedded in the tracks )
I have deleted all hidden files ( like the albumarts small and large ) so that my musicmaps contain only the musicfiles.
( I even have removed windows mediaplayer from my computer ...i use VLC mediaplayer.)
Allso all " folder.jpg " files have been deleted in the maps...all covers are embedded in the files.

But now the strange bit of the story.... when i'm browsing in my musiccollection with mp3 tag i can see that every musicfile has his own
coverpicture....like i wan't it.
But when i double-click it ( to play the music ) ...my vlc player opens like it should, it plays the number like it should, but
the albumart is something wrong. So in detail it has the right coverpicture...on the player it has a albumcover wich i can't find anywhere.
( allso the same when i play this music with my streaming audioplayer ( a B&0 beosound 5 encore)
Only when i delete the album-name in the tag i get the correct picture.
( the strange thing about this is that this is only happening with 1 or 2 songs in this map..all others work fine.
So my question, where are these album-pictures coming from? I can't see them in my maps and there are no hidden files in my maps..only
music. Where are these pictures from and how can i see them and delete them?

Thanks..i'm realy looking forward for your answers, i have tried everything...

Greatings..Dirk...from Belgium

Hello Dirk, at first make sure in Mp3tag to display for each media file, which tag types are involved.
In Mp3tag list view create a column ...

Column Name : TagRead (TagTypes) Column Value: %_tag_read%[' ('%_tag%')']

Do you see any file having more than one tag-type?
Which tag-types are involved?


VLC has it's own folder where it stores the covers.
Have a look at your Userprofile, normally c:\users\your username\appdata\roaming\vlc\art.

appdata is a hidden folder and is invisible for you as long as you don't configure it to be visible.

You can configure VLC how to behave with albumart-download in Tools/Preferences/Interface/Album art download policy.

Hi Detlev;

Everywhere the same data is shown: ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3 )
Is this correct?

Yes...i have found this data here...what happens if i delete it?
It is not important what kind of cover my VLC shows, what is shown on my mediaplayer ( B&O ) should be correct, so i only want
to have the correct enbedded picture from all the musicfiles on my nas when i play it on my mediaplayer.


Yes this looks pretty good.
This test was only to make sure, that the media files themselves are error free.
As 'poster' already has pointed out, the next step is to check the VLC properties.
Maybe there is a cache envolved, which needs to be refreshed too.


These covers are shown by VLC if you play the according songs.
If you delete them VLC will create them again from the embedded albumart in the songs.
But you should disable automatic downloads for albumart from the internet as I wrote in my previous post so that VLC only takes the embedded covers.

You complained in your first post that VLC is showing the wrong albumart. Now you tell you don't care?

:laughing: Yes, ...the wrong coverart was on the VLC and allso my streamer, like i said i don't mind that vlc has the wrong picture but my streamer should be ok.( But i suppose when one is working fine...the other will allso be ok ...)

( And ...i have now disabled the automatic VLC coverart-downloads .)