Hidden artist tag?

Here's my problem, i just finished editing my musics and by chance i chose these particular music to listened to in my music player.
When i listened to it, i noticed something unusual on the song's artist/album name column. It shows the album name correctly, but for the artist part it gives me 2 names, Konno Hiromi(the name i give) and the default name, 中多紗江(CV.今野宏美)(Original name).

The thing is, i already edit both the artist and album artist tag description in mp3tag and both shows as (Konno Hiromi) in mp3tag.
Is this the fault of the mp3tag or my music player? how to find that hidden artist name tag?

btw i already tried to remove tag files and everthing is resetted to -> (?), so the tag gotta be in the music file somewhere..

My music player (foobar2000 v1.3.3) picture upper part
mp3tag v2.71, picture lower part


You could check if you have 2 ARTIST tags: press Alt-T to open the extended tags dialogue.

Oh, i didn't know that you could put 2 album artist tag..
The original name is inside the [album artist] column and the edited name is in [albumartist] column..
Thx! Oh and is there anyway to show that other column on the main display?

If you mean the files list then right-click on any column header and select Columns ...
In the columns dialogue Click on the "New" button to get a new column.
Enter a name that is to appear as column header
Enter e.g. %album artist% as value that should be displayed
Enter e.g. %album artist% as field where the data should be stored.

BUT: as %album artist% is a left over from other programs and MP3tag maps only %albumartist% to the correct TPE2 field, you should either copy the contents of %album artist% to %albumartist% or append it to %albumartist%.

Oh: if you want to see an extra field in the tag panel, open Tools>Options>Tag-Panel

I see, yeah that works fine for me. Thx for your help!