Hidden(?) metadata .. how can I remove them (easily)?


I do not know if this belongs in the regular support or if this belongs in the mac support as "problem" occurs in both versions of the software.

In my attempt to figure out the MP3tag, I have been using the program on windows and macos, along with a few other programs (subler, metaz, tag&rename, windows file explorer, mac finder, etc.) in order to see what metadata tags go where and what tags can be seen by different programs (such as Plex Media Server, Infuse, iTunes, Foobar2000 and Usher) and devices (iPad, iPhones).

I would use a program, open the mp4, write tags on all available tags/labels, save .. the files and check the players/devices (such as Plex, Infuse, iPad) to see what tag names are visible .. Like this:

I would then load it up in MP3tag (on mac) to find the names so that I could use them later .. it was my way of "mapping" out names I can use for data.

To prep for the next program, I would clear the file of the metadata .. MP3tag would show the movie file to be empty of metadata, but Subler and Mediainfo would show there is (hidden?) data written in the file. It is the same on MacOS and on Windows.

This is from MP3tag:

This is from Subler

This is from MediaInfo

In my attempt to do a "quick cleanup", I've tried the remove tag function and the "remove fields except %title%" (my randomly chosen field) .. but the data still remains on the windows and macos versions.

Is there a way in MP3tags to remove these tags or do I need to use subler to remove the tags?

I do not know if the following needs to be split into another ticket or if it is still the same topic:

On the topic of "hidden" tags .. I do not know if this is considered a "tag" since it doesn't show up on anything except MediaInfo .. but I'd like to be able to edit this as well:

It is from a video I grabbed off YouTube.

Thank you for any assistance or directions on where I can look to figure these items out.

You won't see tags that are not supported by Mp3tag in Mp3tag. The full list of supported tags is here: