hidden tags?

I use Winamp as my main player. I've been reformatting some tags on files I've had around. They sometimes include info written in the URL, Composer, Encoded,etc., tags that I sometimes need to adjust, eliminate, or apply across all mp3's in a set.

I'd like to know if, and how, I can see those tags in the Mp3tag main window input fields? Can I add extra fields so I can then choose to blank or keep? What happens a lot is I don't know those tags exist until I view the file info in Winamp and then I'm surprised.


To see all tags, click View > Extended Tags or press [Alt+T]

Go to Options > Tag panel to add fields to the tag panel.

Thank you!

Thank You too :music: :music: , most id taggers wont evene let the user choose if they want to see this or not and I do, with this great program I can choose :slight_smile:


Can the UNSYNCEDLYRICS tag be displayed in a text box?

Yes, I found out how.

Highlight the file / right click /Extended tags/highlight the tag/edit icon