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hi..i've been using mp3tag for quite some times already and i must say that its a nice program indeed..i just love the simplicity of the program, its user friendly interface and ease to use along with its powerful functions and scripts support..good job.. double thumb's up

anyway..for future version, i'd to see option that allow me to hide columns that i dont need without having to delete them..this could be a hassle for users to recreate deleted columns each time they need those columns back..if possible add checkboxes to show/hide columns in customize columns dialog

thanks for much..

Mp3tag Missing from Right Click Menu

I like the idea and it has been requested many times before. I'll add it on my todo list for the next version.

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That would be so great. I have many custom fields for classical music (which I use in foobar2000 for music organization) such as composer-sort (last-name, first-name), work, movement, instruments, soloists (in addition the standard artist, performer, ensemble), etc.. When tagging popular music they get in the way.

I wish there were an easy way to switch layouts that I define - e.g. one for classical, one for popular. Initially I thought I could use "save configuration" but it seemed to me it didn't facilitate quick changes of layout (panels and columns).

mp3tag is such a phenomenal application, and it just keeps getting better. Thank you.


I've added both the possibility to show/hide columns and to load/save column configurations with the current Development Build.

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