High Sierra and last OSX version


I'm using OSX High Sierra and encouter problem running the MP3Tag app.

Following some former thread i follow those steps:

1 - I first check and delete any of this folder: de.mp3tag.MP3tag.... in user/library/Application Support/

2 - Then i copied the last OSX verison of the MP3Tag to the application folder: Mp3tag v2.90a.app

When i launch it, nothing happend at all

Any Clue ???

  1. Download mp3tagv290a-macOS-Wine.zip
  2. Delete the previous version
  3. Allow applications from verified developers at System Settings > Security
  4. Delete previous settings from /Users/<Your Name>/Library/Application Support/de.mp3tag.Mp3tag_*
  5. Unzip mp3tagv290a-macOS-Wine.zip, copy Mp3tag.app to your Applications folder and run it from there

Can you check those steps again? I'm also wondering about the app name "Mp3tag v2.90a.app" you've referenced above. If it's not "Mp3tag.app", you're definitely running a repackaged version from a different source (which then is not code-signed).


That is exactly what i have followed first.

But i just try something different.
Before, I was downloading the app with PC and transfer it to MAC.

So, Downloading the APP straight from mac did work!!!!

Thanks for your time and the wonderful APP !



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Ah, that's interesting to know! Glad it's working now.