Highlight of a verse in the filelist does not work when it is needed the most

I would like to point out that the horizontal highlight of a file that show up when the pointer is hoovering over the line bearing a given file does not work when the pointer is on the right side of the existing Columns

If the user has not so many Columns [or even just one but also not wide enough], then the user can see all of them in one screen- and there is some space left on the right side of the main window [and left to the main scroll bar], right? But what happens if the user moves the mouse pointer to that area? The very handy horizontal highlight simply disappears. And why would the user need to go there and see at the same time the highlighted indication? To be able to select more than just one file- with just a mouse [not having to utilize a keyboard, like when tampering with files from afar; like when laying on bed and listening to the music]

So I propose making that highlight visible always, even if there is only one Column active that has only few pixels of width

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And here is what I mean

There is only one Column turned on and there is some space left on the right side of it. The File 0005 is the being currenty selected

In this first screenshoot the pointer is within the Column- thus the File 0010 is highlighted 0010 is no longer active

In this second screenshoot however the pointer is outside the [only and] last Column- thus the highlight of File

And so if I would want to select with a mouse File 0009 and File 0010 and File 0011, I could run into trouble of selecting them

If you look closely at that what e.g. the Windows Explorer does in "Details" view if the workspace area is bigger than the area covered by column data, you would observe the same behaviour as in MP3tag: only the selected file is highlighted, the mouse-over shading is not there - as there is no object under the mouse cursor, only the window background.
So I wonder if you just described perfectly ordinary windows behaviour.

You assume I use Windows Explorer

And there is a whole lot of reason why I do not. This behavior, about which apparently I have successfully forgotten, would be one of them

I don't. It is just an example of a program that probably most users have on their computers and therefore check the function for themselves.

But if you do not like that program:
ACDsee Pro does no highlighting as mouse-over effect and keeps the selection limited to the actual object space.
Firefox on its add-on or themes page presents a list where no highlighting of non-selected items happens.
Word (even though it is another Microsoft program) does not allow to select objects if the mouse cursor is outside the working area (in most cases the writing area).
MyPhoneExplorer does not indicate the mouse position and does not allow to select an objekt if the mouse cursor is outside the object area.
This collection only to maintain my impression that you just described absolutely normal behaviour of windows applications.

And I bet a lot of visually impaired users wish, there was another kind of highlight, of the line / column there are hovering over; thus lines / columns there are starting to select from in the "outside" area [if such variant of seletion is possible]

[I read once an article about how web pages are usually made. How inadequate for such unlucky people and how just a few simple rules followed by the designers would help to navigate those pages. And how this problem was coming out from the lack of foresight from the coders and a simple lack of knowledge]

It still looks to me as though you want to get features in MP3tag that the underlying OS does not offer.
MP3tag would have to invent its own library of windows functions.

In fact I find it quite useful to have an area where I can click so that something that I selected gets unselected again.

I have a very remote grasp of programming. So I can only guess the hardship of whatever that is

You have a point there. But this could be set as an option. I personally would benefit more from seeing such highlight after clicking in an empty area- but that comes from how I use Mp3tag

it is strange because i use mp3tag 2.83 and i can't reproduce your problem.
My Os is Win7 x64 Pro box licence French.

but in your case, the right column have no name (no header). How can manager to have a "no name" column ?
did you test the problem on 2 names colums ?
i think the problem come from the "no name column" (who also have no data)

In my case my I have no right column. I only have one column, the FILENAME column. The on its right is just the unused space