Highlighting Selected Tracks

This is another request for user convenience and to reduce eye strain.

When a row or rows are selected initially in the "column" region of mp3tag, they are highlighted with a nice, easily seen transparent blue color. But when edits in the tag panel are performed, the highlighting on the selected tracks becomes so dim that I can hardly tell which rows are selected. Why is this necessary? Why can't the highlighted tracks remain brightly highlighted?

I don't have the best eyesight in the world, but it seems pointless to reduce the degree of highlighting when it's not necessary to do so If there's a reason or meaning for this, pleas explain it. After editing our library for an hour straight, I can hardly distinguish highlighted rows from those that are not highlighted.

Unless there's a good reason, please leave selected rows highlighted.


I've heard about such visual problems with dimmed sections in the user interface, especially on laptop screens and windows systems beyond XP.
What can you do?

  • Use a monitortest program like Nokia Monitortest.
    Be aware of the differences between ray tube and TFT monitors.
  • Check the setup of the screen using the built-in OnScreenDisplay.
  • Try to adjust the monitor's gamma value and other color values to get the best resp. the correct result for the video output on screen.
  • Try to choose a color scheme on your system which gives you more comfort for the eyes.