Ho to batch ISRCs?

i got 25 MP3s

to each one I should assign an ISRC: one for each file

how can I do that?
I tried in this way: in a TXT file I wrote the ISRCs one for each line
then I imported that file to the specific ISRC field, on multiple file, but I got all the ISRCs assigned to any MP3 ... which si of course wrong

Is there a way to batch it correctly?

Thanks a million

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Use the function Convert>Textfile-Tag
Select the files,
Seclect Convert>Textfile-Tag
enter the filename, possibly fuly qualified if the files are spread over various folders,
enter the field name, probably %isrc%
Click OK.


Thanks a million! I did succeed

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DO you need to have all the same colums the same in the text file as MP3tag or can it just be the isrc code batch alon in text file. I have tried both txt and cvs file and as isrc only and nothing happens.

The text file may just contain the data for the field ISRC.
But then you have to make sure that the order and number of entries in the text file matches that of the files for import.
If you intend to do it with an action, then the text file should feature the filename of the target file and the ISRC in each line. Otherwise the data cannot be aligned.

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Even if the import is performed from within an action group, Mp3tag still uses the sequence of the files in case there is no direct association via the filename in the import file.

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