Ho to shorten date info


First question:
Does anybody want to help me with a regular expression to shorten the "Year" fiels in my tags.

A lot of my year tags are as: 1998-10-12 or 2008-10.
But I only want to use the year without month and day info.

I know an action can be created for this but since I don't have any knowledge of regular expressions, I can't figure out how to do this. I did look at the examples in this forum, but I can't translate it to my needs.

So if anyone can give met the right code I would be grateful!.

Second question:
Is there a function/action to delete/blank all MP3 ID3v1 tags?

I only want to use ID3v2.3.

Great program by the way!


You can try format value

field: YEAR
Formatstring: $left(%year%,4)

In the mp3tag options you can set deleting ID3v1 only.

Thanks! That works fine!

About deleting ID3v1 tags:
Some files are already saved with v2.4 tags. Opening the files in MP3Tag and just 'Select all' + Ctrl-S does save them changing ID3v2.4 to ID3v2.3.
But the existing ID3v1's are not removed. When I cut the tags and then paste them back, the ID3v1's are gone.
But deleting tags on a larger amount of files is a bit dangerous, I guess..

Is there a better way?

How to delete only ID3v1:
Go to "Tools > Options > Tags > Mpeg"
Set Remove to
[x] ID3v1
[ ] APE
[ ] ID3v2

Then use "File > Remove Tag" [Ctrl+R] to remove the ID3v1


Very smart solution, and without risk.
I really learn more and more about this wonderful program.