Holding mouse button + dragging capabilities?

Hello. Let me say that so far this program is extremely impressive. After I am done tagging my 500GB of music, I will surely donate. I do have one major issue with the program though (You will see why the issue is major in a minute.) I've loaded my entire music folder into the list, and I would like to drag my mouse to select multiple files. In Windows, you can usually single left click + hold on a file, and move the cursor up or down to select multiple files. In mp3tag, it only changes your cursor into a cancel marker.

This is such a huge issue, because I have an old stupid mouse, that double-clicks when I single click sometimes, it sometimes even triple clicks! In mp3tag.. it ends up opening my media player while I'm trying to select songs. I cannot possibly edit the tags of 500GB worth of songs under this condition.

Any help would be more than appreciated. Thank you.

In general I would say that this is an issue of your proceedings and work environment.
It is not necessary to load 500GB of files in one go.
I would dare to say, that it is not even possible to select 500GB of files with mouse techniques as the scrolling would take ages. Ctrl-A is much quicker.

(Actually, I have no idea, what a "cancel marker" could be)

Have you considered the mouse techniques using the Ctrl- and Shift-Keys?
To select a range:
single click on the first file in the list, holding down the Shift button and left-click on the last file in the list will select all the files in between.
Using the Ctrl-Button instead will select the first file and the second.
Holding down the Ctrl-Button and clicking on a file in the range of files will unselect this file.
Please consult the windows help on mouse techniques. They also apply to MP3tag.

As a thankful user of Mp3tag I will try to earn your announced donation for Mp3tag.

You wrote about huge issue with your mouse, hmm ... hard to say what to do, try to tell your mouse to work correctly, maybe use a big hammer to convince the mouse to work as you like it, or buy a new one.
Maybe do a virus check on your system and try to get free from the doubleclick virus.

To prevent opening the standard player on double click you can change a Mp3tag setting.
See dialog "Mp3tag/Tools/Options/Tools", group "Default tool".
Check the box "Use special program at double clicks" and leave the edit field blank.

The "Mouse Delayed Double Primary Click" for editing list view cells directly will work unchanged.
Use key [F4] to invoke the standard player when needed.

In Mp3tag tracklist view you want to arrange the file entries manually into some specifical order and you have a problem to drag and drop one file entry or a group of file entries to another position in the list, right?

On the help manual page ...
... search for the term "Drag'n'Drop".

You will find this entry:
[Alt] + Drag'n'Drop ... Change order of files in list of files.

This allows to drag file entries in Mp3tag filelist view.

It is very impressive, that Mp3tag can open a set of music files of a total size of 500GB, how many files are involved?
You can get a better overview for your work, when you divide this big amount of files into smaller parts by using the Mp3tag Filter section.
Try it out, it will help you without the need of manually dragging files up and down in the list.


Have you checked your mouse settings under Control Panel and then especially Double Click Speed ? (just assuming that you are using a Windows OS)

Sorry for the delayed replies. I fell asleep.

Yeah, I decided it may be easier to just load a few artists at a time... though yesterday I spent a good long time editing the tags with the entire list loaded.
I am also using your recommendation of shift + ctrl functions. It is working great for now, and is a viable solution.

Combined with the above user's recommendations, I'd say this solves the issue completely. Thank you.

I too was impressed when mp3tag didn't freeze up on me for half of a day like most other programs I've done the stress test to. I listen to mostly lossless music files though, so I have in total 58,901 songs. It loaded in I'd say... 30 minutes?

Yeah, unfortunately those settings are all correct. It's just an angry old cheap mouse. I suppose it is time for a new one... that should solve everything :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for your input, everyone.