Horizonal Scrolling lags and is buggy


Just bought a Logitech mouse that inspired me to use horizontal scrolling. Unfortunately it only works intermittently. Also, when it does work, everything lags and it jumps about a half inch at a time when I go from side to side. The latter problem also occurs when I just grab the scrolling tool at the bottom and move from side to side. The characters jump, which is not the case with all my other programs. I have a newer machine with 64 GB memory, 3600x, and a 2070 super graphics card, so it is not a hardware problem. I wonder: is this program 64 bit?

Please let me know if there are any solutions. Thanks!

AFAIK it is not, just 32bit.

I've got a Logitech track ball that also allows horizontal scrolling with the scroll wheel - and as far as I can see, everything is fine.
I have loaded app. 1000 files.

Thanks for checking ohrenkino! I cannot figure out what the problem is. I have tried two different MX mice (the original and the 3) and the problem persists. Even with a regular mx mouse, without the scrolloing wheel does not work. If I tilt the wheel to the side it only jumps once and I have to recenter and tilt again to get another horizontal jump. I do have ALOT of files, close to 6000 as I am working on a huge project. In the future I hope to rename some things in my whole itunes library which will be over 20k files. Perhaps mp3tag will not be able to handle this? It would be great if this could be turned into a 64bit program to make use of multiple cores. I would donate yet again if that happens. I now understand why it takes a while to tag a bunch of files.

Is there any thought to making MP3tag 64bit?

If not, is there another program you would suggest that can candle a massive amount of files. I love this program and have spent a ton of time trying to become more familiar with, and customize it, but if it is not feasible to use it on big projects I should start researching some other alternatives.

That is not a lot.
There are reports in the forum where Mp3tag can handle some 130,000 files without any problems.
I think even 200,000 are possible.
Coming back to the scrolling problem:
You could try to load only some 20 or so files so that you do not get a vertical scroll bar. Then the mous wheel should scroll horizontally.
See if that works OK.
Then I think that Logitech has various options with smooth scrolling and so on - I would play arount with that. I still think it is something with the mouse that tells Mp3tag only to scroll so little amounts.

Just tried an MX Master 3 with 46,000 flacs on an external hard drive. Sure took a loooong time to get all the files loaded, but I did not experience any delay or scrolling issues once things were loaded. Smooth Scrolling is Disabled and Smart Shift is Enabled. This particular mouse is connected via Bluetooth. I did not test using a Unifying Receiver. I've found that high-usage USB devices (like hard drives or external CD drives) can fight for attention and overwhelm the USB system. Maybe check the settings in your set-up? Oh.. I do not use any Application-specific specific settings and even uninstalled the default app settings that the original install wanted to use, such as MS Word, Excel, etc. Logitech Options version 08.30.310, if that matters.

Thanks guys. It is good to know I can keep using this program for my needs. It would be nice to be able to use multiple cores and speed things up significantly.

Any thoughts on making a 64 bit version or is that uber difficult?

I will try your suggestions and get back to this thread.

see e.g. this thread:

and then please, use the search function. there have been a number of discussions around this topic.
In general: I doubt that the bottleneck is the number of processors but usually it is the peripherals like hdds or networks that slow down MP3tag .

Well that was an entertaining read.

Anyhow, all the files I have are on a 1 TB ssd. The whole system is very fast SSDs Latest Samsung EVOs. I was shocked that this did not improve the speed that significantly over a 7 year old computer I was using over the network.

I did a little further testing with the Logitech trackball again, this time under W7.
iTunes, Adobe Acrobat do not scroll horizontally,
MP3tag scrolls only once
Photoshop, Excel, Word, WMP, foobar2000 scroll repeatedly.

Check in W10
MP3tag: smooth scrolling.
Acrobat: also smooth.
iTunes: no scrolling

It must have something to do with the amount of files. I tried setting everything up with bluetooth. With one line everything is as smooth as silk, but with almost 6K it lags. Actually, the regular mise with a tilt scroll work better as they move more slowly. With the scroll wheel, the scrolling is faster as far as input, but since the program lags you may go further than you want and when you change directions it takes a while for it to register.

I have a Logitech MX Master mouse, best one on the planet IMHO for working with spreadsheets, and definitely the many columns in mp3tag. No issues here with horizontal or vertical scrolling though.

Interesting. Maybe it has to do with something else. It really lags behind and my machine is relatively new and well equipped.

I have been thinking about my scrolling issue, where the scrolling, whether vertical or horizontal lags significantly. No other program, even acdsee or lightroom with tons of pictures will lag like this. My videocard is a 2070s so it cannot be the problem. Could it be that I use insanely large files for my artwork?

I have always obsessed on having very large files because I display the album covers on the 65" TV at times and I don't want the pictures to be pixelated. This is probably overkill and I really need to research the optimal size and strategy with album covers, but could this be causing the lag and the incredibly slow loading and saving times?

Given the large amount of columns and the large amount of data in the columns (indicated by Is there a character limit on Columns?), you can try do reduce the data displayed and see if it solves the scrolling issue.

Thank you so much for getting back to me. I will try this, but I do have excel files with much more information and they scroll smoothly. Could this be a limitation of 32 bit? I believe that a 64bit version is not in the works, but it would be great if it could be developed. I would be willing to support the project as I am sure others would as well. Still, I am very grateful for what we have! Thank you again for developing such a great program.

I don't think it's due to 32bit vs. 64bit and I'm curious about your experiments.

You don't need to delete the columns from the file view, just hide them via the checkboxes on either the file view column context menu or the configuration dialog.

Ok. I turned off a bunch of columns and it did get much better but still suffered some lag.