64bit version?

Hey there, I wanted to ask if you plan to compile a 64 bit version of your (awesome!) tool in the future? Would appreciate it!

This has been asked before, but there's no harm in asking again!

How many would like to work on >100k files at once? I would. :smiley:

I definately would not mind :slight_smile:

Would love to get a response here :slight_smile:

So if I run Mp3tag on Windows 7 x64 that doesn't mean it is 64 bit piece of software? Then I know nothing about computers

And right now Mp3tag has a limit on number of files you can load to it? Then I know nothing about Mp3tag

If you say so. :wink:

Not a limit by number but by usable ram because it is a 32bit program.

Perhaps "nothing" is an understatment. What about "not enough"?
Here is a thread that deals with the 32bit-application-aspects:


Interesting info

Would still be interested in this :slight_smile:

So, are there any plans to one day migrate to 64-bit?

I'm running into the memory limit issue...

Would be glad to donate if this would be upgraded to 64....

Version 2.85a has a modified approach that allows to read much more files in one go.

Source (german, but you can try to read using google or bing translation):
mp3tag als 64 bit version