Hot Key to enable action menu

I am aware of alt-6 to enable the list of actions. Please consider enabling the action menu with a hot key the same way that is done for the other menus like File, Edit, View, etc. Providing this feature will allow quick access via the keyboard to actions named with an &. For instance, let's say the hot key to activate the action menu is alt-a. If I create an action with the name &Hip-Hop Genre, pressing alt-a + h will trigger that action. No need to use the mouse.

Thanks for considering this enhancement.

I think that this feature is already there (and even a little more). See this thread
which features even a screendump.
Or this one: /t/15737/1

Did you try it?
I tried it already some time ago and the behaviour of MP3Tag has not changed for me since then.
ALT+6 brings the action menue to select and check a box for the actions and not the list of the actions.

The screenshots in your cited thread refer to actions, but the mentioned hotkey ALT+s calls the websources-menue.

For me this method only works if I press ALT+a. That calls the list of the actions and then I can combine it with another letter defined with & in the action-names.
You cannot define &A because that only switches beween "Actions" and "Actions (Quick)" in the menue.

In Mp3tag main menu the hotkey [Alt+A] works for me in english and german setup to invoke the actions sub menu.
The only visual caveat is, that the hotkey A is not underlined in the main menu.


That's what I wrote.
But the thread-starter expected ALT+6 to work and the comprehensive explanation in the link that Ohrenkino cited wrote about ALT-S for the action-menue to work. The letter is for the websource-menue.

Alt-A does not work for me in version 2.85 running in wine. As stated above, it does not even have a visual clue. All other Alt- combinations for the menu work. Making Alt-a pull the action sub menu is all that is needed to make this work.