Hot to edit the language option

HI I love ur software and I dont know wht ill b doin without this gem...
But i got a problem... Is there anyway i can edit the language tag of an mp3...?
U c i have lot of English, Latino, French, Spanish n Arabic songs...n sometimes i like hearin only arabic songs or sometimes only french songs... So i thought i would make a autoplaylist in wmp11 by selecting the language... the songs i got have different languages, so i tried to edit them... but i have seen tht mp3 tag has only artist, artist album, year, track, genre,comment, composer, disc number and album art on the left pane but no language...? do u know how to edit the language option..?

Select the tracks you want, right click, and click "Extended Tags". The option is also in the View menu, and the hotkey is Alt+T.

If you want the Language tag to appear in the left pane, click on File > Options > Tag Panel. in that window, you can add other tags to the pane by clicking on the top-right button (has a star on it).

I did it... But it seems wmp11 does not recognize it... wmp11 recognizes only when we change the language through its advance tag editor... any suggestions...?