How About A version for PHoto metadata

I'm in love with MP3Tag! It's so easy to get my tags and my filenames to be anything I want, and to use any tag or file name to form a new file name or tag, 100's of files at a time.

But I also have lots & lots of photos, and I have not yet been able to find a tool that will do the same thing for photo filenames and metadata (exif and iptc).

Wouldn't it be neat if there were an EXIFtag program that worked just like MP3tag, but for photos?


PS: Or maybe there is one out there that I haven't been able find. If so, it's not for lack of looking.

ditto! I have collected some 30K of personal photos and I need help. There's a terrific DOS-like utility out there (exiftool) but I want the convenience of the graphical interface. Help!


I think there is also an exiftoolgui available. An internet search should do.

Hey, thanks, I've downloaded it and I'm about to begin messing with it. Appreciate it.