how and where to enter mp3's sound key?

hello i'm using the traktor program for mixing and when i analyse my mp3 songs to it i can see the sound key for every one of it. now if i use (example) the mixmeister bpm analyzer and then i trag the song in to mp3 tag folder and push the save option. i will automatic see in my windows folder the bpm that mixmeister taged in to my song. can i do the same thing with the sound key? and if not how else can i do it without taking one by one the mp3 tracks seperate....


I doubt that you can do it with MP3tag.
To find the BPMs you have to use an external application that interprets the audio-part of a file.
Mp3tag does not edit or manipulate the audio part. It edits the heading or trailing tags.

Does your traktor program store the "keys" in a field (I cannot see a field that looks a place to store that information)? Or does it determine that information at runtime?
I do not know a program that also supplies this information for a batch job.

Traktor reads the Key Information from a tag called INITIALKEY.

You can setup MP3Tag to show a custom input field for this tag on the left hand side. Check the config options for the "Tag Panel" in the Preferences to set this up.

hi again and first of all thanks for the quick answers...
can you explane more detailed how do i modify the mp3 tag with the traktor?