How are suggestions from freedb working?

I don't understand how this works ... lets suppose I have an mp3 with all the correct data already in the tag... when I click on the freedb icon it suggests anything but the correct artist or song or album ... I have never been once able to get it to suggest anything close to the correct artist or song or album ... How can I get this to work?

Hi drm,

lets suppose that you want to tag your MP3s via freedb and you don't have the correct Audio-CD in your CD-ROM drive.
Mp3tag generates a disc id based on the length and the number of the MP3s and sends the query to the freedb-server. If you don't have all MP3s of the album in the right order, Mp3tag is unable to build a valid disc-id - and the query will fail. In this case you could enter the disc-id by yourself (you could find it in the search result of the web based search on, Mp3tag queries the data and your incomplete albums will be tagged too.

Hope this helps.

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~ Florian

Hello, I still don't understand this (sorry!):

Example: I have a mp3 file (Elton John, Rocket Man) and I miss some tag data (e.g. album name, track, genre etc.).

I would like to be able to mark/select my local file in mp3tag (single file), then click on freedb, find the album, click on the song and add the missing tag data to my local file (without the need of typing the stuff).

Is this possible?

thanks a lot!

Yes, this is possible!

With the freedb function you have four different query styles since Mp3tag V.2.02:

  • determine from inserted Audio-CD
  • enter DiscID
  • determine from selected MP3-files
  • determine via web-search

To use the first option, you have to insert the Audio-CD in you CD-ROM drive.

To use the second option, you have to know the 8-digit hexadecimal DiscID, which uniquely describes an Audio-CD.

To use the third option, you need all songs on the Audio-CD as MP3s in the same order and length.

To use the last option, you only have to know the artist and the title of the album. Mp3tag will use the web-search to query the result. You can - beside of complete albums - also tag incomplete albums with this option. Simply enter the artist and the title in the search dialog and you'll get the result.

I hope this helps!

With best regards,
~ Florian

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