How can I add a new line to the lyrics?

Worked like a charm, although I have a follow-up question. How can I add a new line to the lyrics with this new "score"

I've tried $char(10) & $char(13) to no avail. I'd like the lyrics to read:


instead: of %score% %lyrics%

I have since figured this out by using a replace with regular expression action to replace "///" with \r\n

I added %Score%/// to the lyrics field & then performed the replace

Unfortunately,you don't say how you tried it.
It should work anywhere where you are expected to enter a format string.
Yet, it should not be

but $char(13)$char(10)
just like you used with

(carriage return, new line)

Ahh. I had been trying something like TEST$char(10)%lyrics% or TEST$char(13)%lyrics% not realizing that they are to be used together like: TEST$char(13)$char(10)%lyrics% to get my desired outcome