How can I batch remove text appended to album titles

Hi how can I batch remove text appended to my album titles? I have thousands of files with album titles that have the album catalogue ID appended to the album title, but I want to batch delete the appended catalogue IDs from the album titles.

Here is an example of a typical album name: Krashnamurti EP [CAT384079] and here is how I would like it to read: Krashnamurti EP

All my catalogue IDs, are from the Catalog # tag, and they are all placed within square brackets [ and ] (appended at the end of the album name, as mentioned).

I have read through actions but I can't seem to find an action that can do what I'm asking here.

You could try an action of the type "Guess value"
Source: %album%
Format string: %album% [%dummy%]

Or alternatively "Format value" for ALBUM
Format string: $regexp(%album%,(.*) .%catalog%.,$1)

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Thanks for these tips. The guess value worked perfectly :smiley:

I assume I don't have to click save after I perform an action? I have tested and the results seem to apply regardless of whether I click save or not after performing an action.

no extra saving required

Great, thanks for the confirmation.