how can i change track number from 1/10 to 1?

i have several albums tracks 1/10 tracks (it's only an example
my tracks number are 1/10 , 2/10 ,3/10 and so on

if the album has more the 10 tracks , well 1/16 if the album is 16 track

how can change to 1, 2 ,3 ,4 and so on multi album at once?


see /t/9050/1

but i mean multiple albums , for example how can i fix 20 albums with 1 click?


Hmm, ... probably ...

  • do apply the "Tracknumber Assistent" (Auto-numbering Wizard)

  • or do apply an action "Format value":
    Field: TRACK
    Formatstring: $num(%TRACK%,1)

  • or maybe you want to split tracknumber and totaltracks, now stored together in the track tagfield, into two different tagfields TRACK and TOTALTRACKS?


tracknumber assistent doesn't work , at least i have tried to load several albums at once
but i can try the action "Format value": TRACK <== $num(%TRACK%,1)

create a new action -> do you mean like this

thanks a lot

Your screendump shows an action of the type "Replace" and not "Format value". Your attempt will not work.

How does the "Auto-numbering Wizard" work, so that you can say, it does not work?


Never mind, I fixed it to %tracktotal% instead of %totaltrack%. Thank you!

Sorry, poster rama, I do not see how the use of a non-standard field name should solve the original problem.
Could you explain what you did?

sorry i did a mistake
about the link you posted ,there is laura (user) said

i'm stilll looking for how change track number 01 to 1
i have found auto-numbering wizard works great with 1 album
but i have dragged several albums (i have tried 4 different albums) , and it seems it doesn't work perfecly

have you tried auto-numbering wizard with multiple albums?
and might you please tell me step by step how create a working action?

sorry for my poor english

have look at post #5 and #6 in this thread - if you put them together, then you have the solution.

The track numbering wizard works perfect for several albums if you have every album in a separate folder and have the tracks sorted first by track and then by album.
Check the option to reset the counter for each folder and that should do it.

in short this one ?

i will test and report


Generally, yes.
And if you want to have padding zeros use