How can I copy the metadata to move it to other files? In large quantities

I have several albums of mp3 files that I would like to replace them with FLAC files, the problem is that the mp3 files contain a lot of metadata that I would like to transfer. Doing it one by one is very tiring, I would like to know if there is a more efficient solution.

Make sure that source files and target files match order and number.
Select the source files.
Copy the tags with Ctrl-C
Select the target files
Paste the tags with Ctrl-V

I know, I was referring to when there are large quantities, automate the process.

Well, you could create an export for all the tag data, make sure that there is a reference to the file so that MP3tag can address the file and then import the data to the new files.

This is particularly tricky if you have metadata with linebreaks as these have to be removed/masked for the export. Pictures will not be transferred in plain text files so you would have to do that in a separate step.
And taken all this together, I would think that the copy&paste method is not the most automatic but the fastest.

It is not, considering that each song on the album has different metadata. It's quite a bit of work.

This suggestion also works with large amounts of files and usually is the way to go. Can you give it a try?

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