How can I create hundreds of single-file albums?

I have 360 FLAC files spread across just two folders, but aside from adding album art to each file, I have refrained from adding any more metadata to the files, and so far my android player has worked well with it.

Well, last night, I checked that android player and it looks like their latest update is including full metadata support, which will cause problems for my files as there will be missing tags all over the place.

The thing is, I recorded these FLAC files myself, and none of them are part of any existing music album, and I would prefer them to be individual. But if I have to add metadata, then:

How can I add metadata in Mp3tag so that each album consists of only one track and one artist? I would prefer not to have to stick everything inside subfolders, so if there is a way I can avoid them, so much the better.

You could copy the data from TITLE to ALBUM and treat each file like an EP.
Also, it is advisable to fill ALBUMARTIST - here the same applies: Copy the data from ARTIST to ALBUMARTIST.

The FAQs show you a way how to copy the contents of one field to another.

If this is enough and whether this makes the creation of folders unnecessary depends a lot on the features of your player.
But ... MP3tag can even create folder structures from tags, so you don't have to do it manually.

What about track numbers?
Are they really necessary to add?
If not, will the order of the files be affected?
If I have to add them, can I have as many as 300 or more?

Yes, what about them?
I don't know if you (or your player) needs them. I would say: give it a try.

I don't know what you mean. Of course, you can have a track number for each file.

The FLAC files have never been tagged before, except with the album art.

I would like to know how to add tags to a single file so it behaves as a single-track EP, please. I'm not sure how to go about it.

The FLAC files I have are named like so:

Alpha&Omega '91 A @3205 β€’ 617 β€’.flac
(as an example)

But I would ideally like the title, artist and album to be all the same, so they're all unique. Can I do that, or would it be unworkable and cluttered on the player interface if all the info is repeated?

You can harvest information from the filenames so become tag data.
Yet, for

I cannot really identify which piece of information should become part of which tag field.
So I cannot really evaluate whether it is possible to automate some of the tagging.
Anyway: as we circle around

I think it would be best if you experiment a little with a single file and add data to the tags and then see what the player makes of it.
The theroretical approach with pros and cons looks to me like more or less fruitless guess work.

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Thanks, but what I'd like to know is how the album art is affected by tags like artist and album? I assigned just one piece of album art to each individual flac file, but setting the artist and album tags messes things up, as it then puts everything in groups, which I don't want.

Is it just down to experimentation as to how I tag into single file albums? I'm asking because I wasn't sure what the first reply entailed.

I don't really understand what the mess should look like.
The problem or the feature that you have to cope with: as soon as you start to tag files, then all files should have data in the same fields. Otherwise the files get grouped into those that have data and all the others that do not. You see all those in one group that share the same data in the fields.
So if ALBUM and ARTIST are empty, then all the files with these empty fields get grouped togehter.

I think if you are looking to ensure each track stays in it's own location, I'd consider making the Album tag match the Title tag. And the AlbumArtist tag match the Artist. If your software or player still isn't playing nice, set Track, TotalTracks, Disc, and TotalDiscs all to 1. It may seem like a lot of duplication (it is) but pretty easy to manage with mp3tag. This should make sure everything stays as you want from what you described.

Edit: This is pretty much exactly what was described by @ohrenkino in the second post of this thread. How can I create hundreds of single-file albums? - #2 by ohrenkino Did you try that solution already?

@ MotleyG & Ohrenkino:

I have just implemented this system, using the first half of the filename I showed (above as an example) as the Title and everything after, including the "@" sign, as the Artist, and I copied the former to Album and the latter to AlbumArtist as well.

For good measure, I figured I'd use 1 as the tracknumber for all the files, as it seems that tracknumber is mandatory, but discnumber is optional, as many albums are just one disc.

So I've tried the tagged files on VLC on Windows 10 and Android on my Phone with a FLAC player, and the results are promising and look quite smart, and it looks neater too. I also figure that since the @ number in the filename is unique, there'll never be an album or artist conflict and thus no album art problems.

I thank you two for the helpful suggestions, although I'm not sure who should get the solution tick :slight_smile:

@ohrenkino had the suggestion posted long before meπŸ‘

Well, Ohrenkino did, but I was so rusty concerning Mp3tag and tags in general (hadn't used them in years) that I needed the entire process spelled out like you did for me, and you mentioned in detail the tracknumber info too.

But Ohrenkino gets the tick because, as you pointed out in your edit, he said the same things, I was just too dumb to fully understand at first :slight_smile:

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