how can I delete an entry from the "field" drop-down list ?

Hi folks.

How can I delete an entry from view > extended tags > add field > field drop-down list , say a user defined field such as "completelyuselessfieldfortestpurposesonly" ? In other programs you can press shift+del to remove a list entry, but it doesn't work here.

Thank you.

The only information about that is in this thread:
Clearing/Sorting "Convert Filename to Tag" pull down list

How to remove tag fields from the drop-down list:

  • Select a file, click View > :mt_tag: Extended Tags...
  • Click on :mt_new: and select the field name you want to remove
  • Press SHIFT + DEL
  • Now select a different field and enter some value
  • Click OK twice and exit Mp3tag

Thank you dano and Ohrenkino.

Dano, did you see that I mentioned shift+del in my OP?
I said it didn't work for me. But I figured out the reason: MP3tag works differently than all other programs in this respect. Normally shift+del deletes entries from a drop-down list when the list is open. In MP3tag you have to close the list first before you can remove an entry via shift+del, otherwise it won't work.

Counter-intuitive, but I am happy that the feature DOES exist, that's what's most important.
Thank you.