How Can I Do That???

Hello To All... I am newbie with the Mp3Tag and i would like you to help me sovle some problems...

I want to organise my songs and i dont know the way to transform them via the mp3tag...
All of my songs have the style : ( Avicii & Sebastien Drums 'My Feelings For You' )

                                           (Adele - Set Fire To The Rain )

This style first the Artist and After the Title of the Song...
I want to tranform them to be like Artist : Avicii & Sebastian Drums

                                               Title: My Fellings For You

and Artist: Adele

                                               Title : Set Fie To The Rain 


PS: if it yould be possible i would like you to show me the way to make and the first letter of every world with capital letters....

Thnx For Your Time I Look Forward To have 1 Replay For Someone.... :rolleyes:

Welcome DjAzDeck.

To handle both cases separately, it would be convenient to use the Mp3tag Filter with the following filter expressions.
Case 1
( Adele - Set Fire To The Rain )

"%_FILENAME%" MATCHES "^\(\s*.+?\s*-\s*.+?\s*\)$"

Case 2
( Avicii & Sebastien Drums 'My Feelings For You' )

"%_FILENAME%" MATCHES "^\(\s*.+?\s*'.+?'\s*\)$"

Then, for each case, apply the converter "Filename - Tag".
But for each case with the corresponding Formatstring, which contains the proper tag-field mask for splitting the filename into the Artist and Title components.

Case 1
( %ARTIST% - %TITLE% )

Case 2
( %ARTIST% '%TITLE%' )

After this splitting procedure is done, then you can use the Mp3tag Action feature and set the casing for the tag-fields as you wish.

First take a ride through the Mp3tag help manual to learn where you can find all the basic informations like actions and functions for your work with Mp3tag.


You Are Amazing Dude... Thank Ur SOOOO Much...U saved for me like 24 hours trying to fix the titles 1 by 1!!!!Thnx again!!!

Another application you might consider (I use it all the time) is "Bulk Rename Utility" (see